Recommended Reading


Roger Scruton

  • How to Think Seriously About the Planet

Hernando de Soto

  • The Mystery of Capital 

Wendell Berry

  •     Bringing it to the Table
  •     The Unsettling of America
  •    The Art of the Commonplace

Nicolette Hahn Niman

  • Righteous Porkchop

Aldo Leopold

  • Sand County Almanac

E.O. Wilson

  • Anthill



  • The Lost Generation: Environmental Regulatory Reform in the Era of Congressional Abdication – Case, David
  • Rule of Law Promotion, Land Tenure and Poverty Alleviation:
    Questioning the Assumptions of Hernando de Soto – Otto, Jan
  • Conservative Principles for Environmental Reform – Adler, Jonathan
  • Economic and Environmental Effects of Agricultural Insurance Programs – The Council on Food, Agriculture, and Resource Economics – Sumner, Daniel, et al.



  • Ohio State University Agriculture Law & Taxation blog
  • University of Arkansas Law School – National Agricultural Law Center blog
  • Environmental News Network
  • Duke University Food Law and Policy program
  • Vermont Law School Journal of Environmental Law
  • Environmental Law Institute – Vibrant Environment
  • University of Maryland Risk Management Education Blog
  • New York University Law School – Environmental and Land Use Blog